Quantower Licenses

We offer a user with a Free license, two packages as well as licenses for separate features.

We deliver the most popular trading and analytics functionality for free, but some valuable and market-specific features are available under the paid License.

In case of any problems with your Quantower Account or License purchase — please contact our Support team

To use any paid License, the trader needs to have an active Quantower Account. If you don’t have one, you can create it during your License purchase process.

License types

We offer a user with a Free license, three packages as well as licenses for separate features.

Free license is granted by default once you have created a Quantower Account. Also, it will be available all the time when you don’t have any active paid License. Using Free license you will get:

  • one active connection to any broker, data feed or exchange

  • 2 indicators per chart

  • 1 symbol overlay per chart

  • Order Flow Surface panel

  • Options Analytics is temporary available for free

All-in-One Package includes all available features and connections. Also, all new features will be automatically added and available while your subscription is active.

****DOM Surface license activates full access to the DOM Surface panel. In the free version of the panel, all accumulated data disappears after 3 minutes.

Power Trades Scanner license activates the scanner that shows the execution of big amount of orders during the short time.

Volume Analysis license activates all available volume tools:

  • Cluster chart

  • Volume profiles (Right & Left, Custom, Step profiles)

  • Time Histogram

  • Time Statistics

  • VWAP tool

  • Historical Time & Sales

****Advanced Features license includes non-standard chart types, simultanious connections, additional functionalities for working with symbol’s history, unlimited chart overlays, and trading simulation.

Options Trading license activates Options Analytics panel. Currently it's available for free usage.

License purchase

If you would like to upgrade your Free license, go to our Pricing page, choose the necessary license, it's period and click on the BUY button.

The purchase process starts with the authorization in the Quantower service. Use your email and password to Sign in to the account. If you don’t have one yet, follow the instructions on Quantower Account manual. Just after you successfully Log in, you will be redirected to the purchase Cart.

Purchase cart contains the previously selected License type, term of validity and final Price. You can modify the term of validity to any desired option.

The next step is to select a payment provider and press the Pay button.

After that, you will be redirected to the provider’s payment page. Once you complete all the payment steps, you will be redirected back to the confirmation page of Quantower Accounts. Follow the GO TO DASHBOARD link to get to your Quantower Account dashboard, where you should see you current Core License information and Payment transactions history.

License terms

Currently, all licenses can be purchased for a 1-month term minimum. You can also get any Quantower paid License for the LIFETIME period — contact our support for this.

Quick tips on License purchase

  • A free License is valid ALL THE TIME while your Quantower Account is active.

  • Any paid License is active from the purchase date till the end date (“Available till”).

  • Once your paid License is expired, the Account will be automatically downgraded to the Free License.

  • Every new purchase for the similar license type extends the “Available till” date on the purchasing term.

  • Subscription and automatic payments are currently unavailable.

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